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Our factory was invited to new kinetic energy, Qingdao exhibition fair

Our factory was invited to new kinetic energy, Qingdao exhibition fair  In July 2021, 15 new kinetic energy exhibition fair "in the new coastal district of Qingdao, Qingdao of China railway held expo city international exhibition center.
  This second exhibition with "new pattern of kinetic energy new opportunities" as the theme, including intelligent manufacturing fields, science and technology innovation and quality of life. High and new technology at home and abroad combined with manufacturing industry.
  Show our main products for hydraulic multi-function rig, vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig, a trailer-mounted drilling rig, through the exhibition binzhou drill shows the general dealers and customers of our factory's main product, won the customer's attention and high praise, at the same time, through the communication, collect potential customer information, to learn more about the latest rig market.
  I plant the event to broaden the vision, open mentality, learning advanced, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of the participation opportunity, and to visit customers and dealers to communicate, communicate, negotiate, further enhance the company brand visibility and influence, but also to further understand the characteristics of the peer advanced enterprise products, in order to better improve the structure of their products, play their own advantages.

  Through this exhibition, I plant fruitful, we will continue to work hard, let more people know our brand "binzhou drill"