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Guarantee System Grade Ⅲ of Technology Service of Bonny

Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory always sticks to the products’ service grade Ⅲ and lifelong   service faith of  "Making succeed customers, Providing services forever".

● Service Grade Ⅰ: The stage of developing products the service of making the products conform to the market. In the stage, we invite the market and client experts, product profession expert and so on to carry out the assessment and the index exchanges such as the products' technical economy market adaptability and customers' satisfactoriness in order to develop the new marketable product that makes the customers satisfactory.

● Service GradeⅡ: The stage of making products-the service of technical adaptability. In this stage of   making and assembling product, we always invite the contract-customer to come to our factory to accept   the technical training, including managing the equipment, operating the machine and the maintenance, so that our customers can know and grasp the technical knowledge such as the structure, performance, principle operation and so on.

● Service Grade Ⅲ:  After the machine was delivered to the working scene, the technicians will install and debug it and be training workers for weeks. The project of technology-key has been completed in this time. During the date of quality warranty, the technicians are having the touring service regularly (250, 500, 1000,1500 and 2000 hours), and we promise that from receiving the feedback from the customers, we would eliminate the technical hitch without more 72 hours.

● Lifelong Service: Our promise is that we are offering the technical service to our customers forever. Even if the products have exceeded its quality date, are they only under the use stage, we would supply the prompt technical service and accessories.