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Southeast Asia customers visit our factory BZCF150 drill

Description:BINZUAN supply dilling rig|water dilling rig,Trailer type folding hydraulic water well drilling equipment
Southeast Asia customers visit our factory BZCF150 drillOn 28 May 2019 southeast Asian merchants a line of three people to visit our factory BZCF150 vehicular reverse circulation water well drilling rig.

Sales manager Shi Hongyan warm reception to our water well drilling rig series products are introduced. Communicate with customers to the construction site geological structure and the performance characteristics of our products, customers show interest in our products.

BZCF150 drill is filling type reverse circulation drill, the drill can meet the demand of customers drilling can also reduce fuel consumption, favored by users, increasing market orders at home and abroad. Our factory car rig can either drilling with mud circulation and form a complete set of air compressor DTH hammer, satisfying the requirements of customers of different geological drilling Wells.